Incredible highs and demoralizing lows. What a blessed and at the same time, seemingly cursed roller coaster this Eastern Conference Finals has been for the Toronto Raptors. With a looming game 6 at home, the boys with their backs to the wall, Nick and Barry get together for another episode of Talking Raptors. They collect their happiness and frustration, level out their elation and near depression and sit down to discuss:

-Raptors Fans vs. Cleveland Fans.

-Making a bet: The Raptors win the finals.

-The Referee Situation.

-Drake on Instagram.

-Demar and his Max Contract Status.

-Game 6 in the Six.

As always thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy!

Put all of your collective prayers and god thoughts into the universe everyone. The Raptors are playing in GAME 6 OF THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS.

Lets Go Raptors.

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