We just drafted a cross between Primoz Brezec and Matt Bonner with a touch of Roko Ukic. I joke, I joke. We drafted someone much worse. I joke, I joke. We drafted Jakob Poeltl, who’s from some far Eastern country where they like soccer (I just checked, he’s Austrian). He seems like a nice guy and Blake’s got a post up detailing why he’s so terrible, I mean, great.

Seriously though, you think OKC would take Will Ferrell and give us Ibaka? If not that, how do you not pick Sabonis and give JV a bunk buddy? So many thoughts, not the least of which is that Biyombo is now gone and we still don’t have a PF.  This is a very low risk pick and I’m sure this guy will turn out to be a low-end contributor in the league, but that’s not what we were looking for at this point.  Better to roll the dice and fail than settle for something small at this juncture.

Anyway, here’s ESPN’s instant analysis and comps (spoiler alert: it’s Chris Kaman):