Raptors 905, the D-League affiliate of the Toronto Raptors, released their schedule for the 2016-17 season on Monday.

The team’s second season in the league will begin on Nov. 18 with a home game against the expansion Greensboro Swarm. Unlike their first go-round, the 905 won’t be left on the road for literally a month at a time, or at home for a similarly long stretch, though they do start the season with a season-long six in a row in Mississauga. They don’t have a road-trip longer than five games and only draw eight back-to-backs in the 48-game slate.

Here are some other notes, per a team release:

Games by Month
November:            5 (5 home, 0 road) December:          12 (7 home, 5 road)
January:              10 (5 home, 5 road) February:              8 (4 home, 4 road)
March:                 13 (3 home, 10 road)

Games by Day
Sunday:               3 (1 home, 2 road) Monday:                       3 (3 home, 0 road)
Tuesday:                       7 (5 home, 2 road) Wednesday:                  7 (3 home, 4 road)
Thursday:                      8 (6 home, 2 road) Friday:                 10 (2 home, 8 road)
Saturday:            10 (4 home, 6 road)

The team will also play two afternoon games at the ACC once again this year, on Dec. 20 and March 13. Those were a lot of fun last year.

Not noted on the schedule is the D-League Showcase, an annual January event that will be coming to Mississauga this year. There are no D-League games schedule from Jan 16-24, so expect the showcase to be in that stretch.