The Raptors have released their pre-season schedule, and it turns out that they only play one home game which is against San Lorenzo de Almagro, which was a 1970’s indie flick about a Spanish single mom raising a lobster in the desert. Nah, it’s an Argentinian club, which makes you kind of wonder if letting Luis Scola go was a good idea? Well, on the bright side, Nets basketball gear is really cheap. In fact, I picked up a $5 Nets T-Shirt at SVP sports, and I might even go back for more.

Pre-season is a critically important time on the NBA calendar, because it’s the best place to fully evaluate a player. For example, if Patrick Patterson has a bad preseason, it for sure means that his entire season is a write-off. It’s also a nice time to make wild conclusions on who should start, who should get benched, and who should be exiled to Siberia.

The only real question here to answer is who the “fourth big” will be after Jonas Valanciunas, Jared Sullinger, and Patrick Patterson. Will Jakob Poeltl surprise, will Pascal Siakam become the next Greg Dickinson, will Bebe finally unleash his inner Hakeem Olajuwon? All this and more, in October 2016.

In continuing with the theme of releasing information via screenshots posted on Twitter, the Raptors also announced a preseason sale: