Raptors 905 have named Jerry Stackhouse their new head coach, the team announced Friday.

Chris Reichert of Upside & Motor first reported the news on Aug. 1, something we passed along and broke down at that time. I’ll direct you to that link for full analysis, but here’s a clip:

As affable and quotable as they come, Stackhouse only has a year of experience on an NBA staff, having landed with the Raptors last summer. He does, however, bring some experience coaching at the AAU level, and he got a taste of running a team at Las Vegas Summer League last month. During his freshman season as an assistant, players spoke highly of working with Stackhosue one-on-one, particularly on the offensive end of the floor, and it’s clear his personality helps provide some amount of necessary levity at times.

It’s hard to get a gauge for how effective Stackhouse may be as the man in charge, and it will be interesting to see how the young players respond to him. (The 905 run the parent club’s schemes at each end of the floor, using largely the same playbook, but Stackhouse may ditch the Raptors’ offense in favor of nothing but long twos.) If nothing else, it should be a lot of fun to see and hear Stackhouse trash-talking from the sidelines.

“We are very excited to name Jerry Stackhouse our new head coach,” Raptors 905 general manager Dan Tolzman said in a release. “The basketball pedigree that he brings to the 905 bench is as good as it gets in the D-League. We believe that his experience as a successful NBA player along with his year spent learning under Coach Casey on the Raptors staff will go a long way in helping teach the young players within our system what it takes to thrive at the next level.”

“I am honoured to have the opportunity and challenge to lead our D-League team,” Stackhouse said. “I appreciate the confidence Masai (Raptors President Masai Ujiri) and Dan have shown in me to continue the development of our younger players.”

Stackhouse’s first appearance as the D-League squad’s new head coach will come tomorrow as the 905 hold open tryouts.

For the parent club Toronto Raptors, Stackhouse is the second loss from Dwane Casey’s coaching staff this summer, along with Andy Greer. The Raptors expect to announce replacements for Stackhouse and Greer sometime before training camp opens.

  • R.D. Vaughan

    I sure hope he can connect with Bruno as this is his make or break 905 season. That along with the Raptors now and future need to find and polish, to the NBA level, diamonds in the rough as success usually brings low level draft picks.
    This clubs future success will be based on player development or they’ll eventually need to tank. Gutting the team of known players to afford a big trade means you have to find other ways to fill the roster with value contributors as the cap, even with the luxury boost, is a clear and present danger.

    • Dunkenstein

      Brunqo has nothing going for him basketballwise except long arms.

  • the wiener

    how many of the 905 players would Stackhouse still be better than? Likely all but 1-2

  • DC

    Great move all around, and should add some buzz to the 905 season.

  • leftovercrack

    “Stackhouse may ditch the Raptors’ offense in favor of nothing but long twos” – I presume this is a joke or is there something about Stackhouse I don’t know about?

    • Dunkenstein

      No talent for Stackhouse. Going to be a rough season.

      • BlakeMurphy

        They don’t even have a roster yet for you to judge, and they’re going to have plenty of Caboclo/Siakam/Poeltl.

        • Dunkenstein

          I think Poeltl will spend a lot more time with the parent club… Caboclo….I have no confidence in him. I’m really looking forward to seeing Siaklam. He may be the surprise of the draft.

          • distorsun

            Siaklam is the one I’m interested in.
            I wish the raps would play a bit faster, imagine a 2nd unit with Powell and Siakam, they’d be a handful in transition.

      • Earl Stroman’s Right Pectoral

        The D-League always lacks talent….unless not having Powell is the glaring issue?

    • Hotshot

      Stackhouse as a player used to love shooting the long twos.

    • BlakeMurphy

      It is a joke. Clearly.

  • Wild-ling #1

    I imagine Stackhouse coaching is just another thing that gives the franchise some “buzz” and profile. He’s still a known NBA commodity. And (judging by the interviews he has given over the years) he’s both “cool” and very smart. So the 905’ers may see being coached by a still-young, bona-fide NBA’er as an exciting, enlivening and enriching experience. Not so much an “out of sight, out of mind” backwater at all. 🙂

  • GoingBig

    via Toronto Star

    Now 41, Stackhouse has taken what he sees as the next step in his quest
    to be a NBA head coach. The gyms will be smaller, as will the
    pay-cheques, and the travel might be a lot more cozy than he’s used to.

    he took a break from evaluating players at the Raptors 905 open tryout
    on Saturday, Stackhouse said none of those things matter to him.
    didn’t hear that anybody died last year in the D-League,” he said.
    “Maybe they got snowed in once, but I didn’t hear about anybody that got
    killed because they were in the D-League.
    “We get a little spoiled
    sometimes with the perks, but that’s nothing to me. I’m not excited by
    that, I did that for 20 years. Before I was in the NBA for 20 years I
    was about as broke as they come.