The Extra returns for the season, ensuring you’ll have (at least) two podcasts weekly – the Monday edition (“Raptors Weekly”) hosted by William Lou, and the Friday edition (“Raptors Weekly Extra,” though I’d love suggestions for a better name) hosted by yours truly.

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On this week’s episode, hosts Blake Murphy and William Lou discuss the following:

  • A quick overview of where the Raptors stand entering training camp.
  • What media day is and whether he can expect any illumination from it.
  • The biggest storylines facing the Raptors entering camp.
    • Can Norman Powell overtake Terrence Ross in the rotation?
      • Will Powell get Ronnie 2K’s face tattooed on his arm?
    • What’s the plan at the backup center spot?
    • Who takes the 15th and final roster spot?

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  • R.D. Vaughan

    A few times an interesting statement could not be heard when the other speaker talks over the end of that comment. One of these I would have love to hear is William Lou’s statement “the biggest mistake Masai has made so far …” but I could not hear what that mistake was, tantalizing but frustrating.
    As usual thanks for these broadcasts. You hit upon many of the topics I’m also interested in for this pre-season.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Yeah, it’s tough doing them in person sometimes, because it ends up just being a normal convo and we’re laughing/riffing off each other, so we get sidetracked easily. I think it makes for a better listen overall, but doing it on Skype forces you to wait your turn a little more.

      • R.D. Vaughan

        The audio is superior to what you get with Skype so there’s that. I’ve listened to many a pod cast were on participant or more is too garbled to understand which kills the whole thing.

    • DDayLewis

      I was saying that the biggest mistake of Masai’s career was the JaVale McGee extension.

      • R.D. Vaughan

        Glad the mistake was not when he’s been with the Raptors. Thanks for the quick response.

        • DDayLewis

          No problem. Thanks for listening. Sorry the audio was a bit off on my end.

  • R.D. Vaughan

    One of the reasons I hope the 15th man is Jarrod Uthoff is that in a way he may be able to push Bruno. Even if Jarrod’s the 15th man after pre-season he’ll likely shuttle back and forth with the 905 and get minutes at least for conditioning. Bruno needs to feel some pressure at the least to toughen up his competitive instincts and focus. I definitely not saying there can only be one of their kind (3&D) but Bruno’s been handled (appropriately) with kid gloves but I think this year is his make or break at the 905 level.

    I’m looking forward to the Bruno article that was mentioned during this audio pod.

  • Mark Kowgier

    Title ideas:

    -‘The Rapcast Crew’ (nothing exciting but It’s in the theme song)
    – ‘The Rapcast Content Crew’ (a bit more accurate.)
    – ‘Blaking News’ (STOP THE PRESSES)

    • Mark Kowgier

      – Blaking Ankles
      – The Fast Blake
      – Blake Willfan (would work better if the Kia jumper was actually on the Raps)

  • raps-fan

    RE 15th roster spot.
    Personally I hope that either Uthoff or Drew Crawford take it. Vanvleet seems like a mature guy and a good player but IMO taking him on just because of Delon Wright’s injury doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Seems like a waste to use the 15th roster spot on a guy who’s gonna fill in for the 3rd string point guard (who barely gets minutes anyways) for a few months