Nick and Barry are back sit down with the man, the myth, the Raptors Republic Legend, Zarar Siddiqi.

The guys go deep and learn about Zarar’s background and discuss the origins of Raptors Republic.

Zarar also reveals that he’s going on hiatus and what the future holds for RR.

Of course, there’s some Raptors talk too.

As always, thanks for listening!

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  • Noelle

    I know I’m a most unwelcome grump (toward Raptors negativity, ha) here, but this podcast generates a whole new appreciation for Zarar, from many angles! Thank you for creating and developing this site, and best wishes in your upcoming year of study

  • R.D. Vaughan

    Love the history of RR, great entertainment and interesting to boot. Thanks a lot, heck I don’t mind that very little of the pre-season was discussed.

  • Alfred G

    What a great podcast. Don’t comment much in the off-season but had to sign in for this one. I remember exactly the play Zarar’s talking about.

    • Rjak27

      Yeah, that’s a classic.

  • the511

    Great podcast.

    I don’t know how long it’s been since I first stumbled across RR. 2006 maybe. But it was Zarar, as Arsenalist, who kept me coming back. Unusual insight into the game, often, one that I’d just seen, combined with writing that was entertaining enough to make me laugh, routinely. From the first read to even now, Zarar’s pretty much been my favorite Raptors writer.

    So, just posting to say that. Cheers. All the best.