We have real news to discuss!

Host William Lou invites Raptors HQ’s Harsh Dave to the podcast to discuss:

  • Media day musings
  • Chris Bosh’s health
  • DeMarre Carroll’s bum knee
  • What do the Raptors do at power forward?
  • What to expect from Jared Sullinger?
  • What constitutes a successful season?

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  • R.D. Vaughan

    I liked to hear the comments about Bruno’s possible conditioning improvements. Bulking up some was a focus area that I heard about before the summer began. I also have concerns about BeBe’s fragility and also with his friendship Bruno. I’d rather Bruno be tight with Powell who has the pro-level intensity/toughness I feel Bruno needs to assume. In another words is Bebe’s easy going nature a bad influence on Bruno?

    One sound bite I heard that gives me some hope was attributed to Bruno. After Bebe had a break-out performance last year Bruno was supposed to have told Bebe that he now needed to work twice as hard than before. That suggests something positive about Bruno mind set.

    • DDayLewis

      Don’t worry, Stackhouse will toughen up Bruno in the D-League. I believe Stack’s personality is a big reason why they chose him to lead the impressionable D-Leaguers.

  • Ahmad Fattah

    I sweat I heard Zirar in this podcast. Are you guys fucking with us!

  • justsayin

    I enjoy these podcasts. But guys. Poeltl and JV are only similar in that they’re white and have great shooting percentages.

    Poeltl is quicker on his feet. He’s much more able to defend away from the basket. He’s a better passer. He’s got better instincts for post play. He can put it on the floor a little. These guys aren’t the same player.