The Extra returns, this time with a guest for the second half of the podcast.

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On this week’s episode, host Blake Murphy and guests discuss the following:

  • SEGMENT 1: William Lou
    • Media Day reaction.
      • What was the mood/vibe?
      • Takeaways?
    • What is the team focused on?
      • Why wins aren’t a great measure of this team.
      • Why that’s a good thing.
    • DeMarre Carroll and Delon Wright updates.
      • The impact on the rotation.
      • Does anything change with the 15th man competition?
  • SEGMENT 2: Michael Gallagher of Rotoworld/NBC/Yahoo

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  • Mike$

    Its good to here that bruno put in a lot of work this summer. Casey was saying that he see’s him as more of a 4 (not right now but eventually).

    That could be good for us given our pf situation next year. If he can get good enough to be the 11th or so guy in the rotation he could get some minutes as a stretch 4 with a different look. Look foward to what he can bring in the dleague

    I think people are to hard on him when saying this is his 3rd year and if hes not ready he wont be. Hes younger than one of the guys drafted this year. We wouldnt give up on him after a season and say hes 23 he probably wont grow much more. Its brunos 3rd year in the nba but hes a very different case and one of the first times a guy like him has been drafted. He shouldnt be judged like its his 3rd year. He should be judged more like the players that are stashed for a few seasons before coming to the nba