The season is back, and in this solo podcast, William Lou breaks down the preseason opener against the Warriors.

Note from Will: Apologies for the echo in the audio. Had to make do by recording on my phone. I’ll get better.

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  • Rambo

    Cool idea

    • dwnin2

      gotta know – how did Sullinger’s weight look?
      love the quick recap pod, just don’t try to cover everything. concentrate on a couple of trending issues in detail

      • R.D. Vaughan

        They said he had lost 30 lbs over the summer and looked it. I was actually a little more impressed during the broadcast versus media day as he was moving and I didn’t see any pronounced jiggling in his middle. He is a big man and that will not change. By games end my most pronounced thought of Sullinger is that he’ll be a significant upgrade over Scola, how much only time will tell.

        • dwnin2

          yeah its the jiggling bits that were so evident last year that had me concerned
          “significant upgrade over Scola” wow, how did Masai manage to snag Sullinger?
          thank you

      • DDayLewis

        Sully looked good. More agile than the typical PF, although lineups with him and JV will still be difficult defensively

        • dwnin2

          good to hear – thank you for the response

  • NewMan

    Nice quick feedback … Ideas for Preseason pods, You can give your comments on who Gets 15th spot, who should be sent to the 905 Practice team immediately (Bruno), who gets the Game Ball, Best New comer, Who’s minutes need to be adjusted, Who needs to be benched (a la James Johnson), who should go get Tim Horton’s for everyone (because they aint doing nothing on the court) and same for the opponent side …

  • NewMan

    I liked Siakam’s game, not ready to have plays run for him just yet … he fumbled the Ball twice trying to get into his scoring moves … But the rebounding, defending and blocking the lane and put backs is the Highlight … He seems long too vs Durant and seemed like a good help defender … Rebounding and Help Defender! on the cheap vs. $18MM

  • arsenalist

    Great stuff. Some feedback: change the battery on that fire alarm.

  • Plenty of Wing Span

    nice feedback Will-Lou! But where are you located, it sounds like a long tunnel duct?

    • DDayLewis

      Haha I was moving on Saturday, so I ended up podcasting in my empty apartment, hence the echo.

  • rapsfan514

    really appreciate the recap Will, fantastic work, hope you can keep it up.

    Like others on here, I found the reverb, though it sounded way impressive as an intro, got a bit wearying after a while.

    I imagine you will be recording this informally under varied conditions during the season, so its difficult to put a nice trademark well-produced sting intro and outro. So it becomes important to script something you always say at the beginning and end.

    Content-wise, love your takes and delivery… keep going!

    • DDayLewis

      Thanks! I’ll try to hammer out a script in the coming weeks. It’s preseason for everyone, lol.

  • Rjak27

    You could do a bunch of segments / hand out a bunch of awards. I think for a short, routine podcast like this that might help get in a rhythm and deliver content quickly. You still want to leave yourself flexibility to say what you want, though.

    I think keeping the pod around 15 minutes is a good call. You’ll want to get them up quickly. Also, after the game a lot of people are heading to bed and don’t have time for a long pod.

    You’ll probably want a co host whenever possible. The best pods are going to be after emotional games, and the emotion is going to come across better when you have someone to react with. Just getting someone that watched the game but didn’t prepare anything would be fine.

    Some awards ideas:
    – Player of the game / three Stars / team MVPs.
    – Turning Point.
    – Gerald Henderson award (opponent scrub who lights us up).

    • DDayLewis

      The Gerald Henderson award is ingenious.