Host William Lou invites dunk prop Daniel Reynolds of Raptors HQ onto the show.

The two discuss the following:

  • Is this Jonas Valanciunas’s breakout year?
  • How excited is too excited about Pascal Siakam?
  • Media Day shenanigans
  • Raptors-Warriors preseason
  • Best basketball movies
  • Twitter questions

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  • Tee1

    Jonas is tired.
    I’m not sure why people would be surprised this is the most ball he’s ever played.

  • raptorfan07

    Without question Jonas is one of the top two centers in the NBA, i expect him to display his allstar form this season and carry the Raptors as he did during the playoffs. Our success will come from feeding him the ball and his rim protection which he is now much better at.

    Is there anyone in this league who can defend this guy in the paint?

    • DDayLewis

      Dwane Casey

    • Coulj

      I like Jonas , but I would put Cousins, Anthony Davis, KAT ahead of JV

      • raptorfan07

        He is an allstar being held back by Casey, the guy is a stud center on any other NBA team.

  • R.D. Vaughan

    If you want to see a superb interview watch this on with Raptor coach Patrick Mutombo, I was most impressed.
    Scroll down to see the link to the Mutombo interview.

    In the next few preseason games it will be interesting if Siakam can stoke the fan fires with his play. Apparently Sully told Siakam that he was moving to fast and not always in control. Is Sully just concerned Siakam is making him look extra slow? 😉