The season is back, and in this solo podcast, William Lou breaks down the second preseason game, this one against the Nuggets.

– Terrence Ross looked great
– Jonas Valanciunas was effective
– Fred VanVleet has inside edge on 15th spot
– Bruno Caboclo’s defense
– Pascal Siakam vs. Bebe Nogueira

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  • NewMan

    I loved the breakdown! Good summary (even as I watched the game) … Can you give someone the Dunce Cap? Come’on have a bit of fun and call out Bruno or Someone – so we can chuckle with you … Not to hate on anyone … But part of the fun in the game is being able to Laugh and Enjoy it … That’s what Biyombo brought, I think … Like from Last Game – Maybe Siakam wasn’t too smart – when on multiple occassions he went up to contest a Dunk and was posterized! Would you have done that??? I love his passion but … He is fearlessly a Dunce, hahahaha

  • Rjak27

    I really like this addition to the game day content. It definitely adds something.

    I liked the three stars, but I think it might need to be renamed in basketball parlance. The big 3? MVP, second fiddle and third wheel? The trifecta? Triple threat? Three points?

    I like the Gerald Henderson award, it seems like it should be easy to do for every game. Abbreviated form: the Gerry. Malik Beasley (really?) could have easily won it. Patrick McCaw (who?) could have got it for the Golden State game.

  • R.D. Vaughan

    – Do a game based good bad and ugly commentary
    – Trending (player, team and/or rivals) observations that is based on an accumulation of recent games.
    – Predictions about the division, team and/or particular players