On this episode of Talking Raptors, Nick and Barry are joined by special guest Aaron Hodges. As a New Jersey Native and a Knicks-turned-Raptors fan, Aaron is producer and host for Sirius XM Radio. He also hosts the Quick Snaps Podcast, a hilarious show focused on the world of football. You can check it out here.  The guys chat ball and welcome Aaron to the Raptors bandwagon with open arms.

They discuss:
1. Who is Aaron Hodges.
2. How does a New Jersey native become a Raptors fan?
3. Why did he leave the Knicks?
4. What ever happened to the New Jersey Nets?
5. How are the Raptor’s viewed by basketball fans outside of Canada?
6. Season predictions.

As always we hope you enjoyed listening. Let’s start getting excited about the season.

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