The season is back, and in this solo podcast, William Lou breaks down the third preseason game, this one against the Clippers.

– Three stars: Brady Heslip, Bruno Caboclo, DeMar DeRozan
– Gerald Henderson award: Raymond Felton
– 15th man update
– Rookie report
– Bruno update

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  • R.D. Vaughan

    Hopefully, for Bruno, these small successes will have the “drips in a cup” effect on his confidence. Right now I believe defence is his way in, especially with Casey as the coach. Let his offence trail behind as that is the one area that has as much potential but difficult to show off with his general lack of minutes (except with the 905) and his confidence level at this point.
    It would be oh so nice if this preseason experience can give him a kick start in his 905 season.

    • leftovercrack

      The time has come for Bruno to start dominating in the d-league. I’ll be following him down there. Go Bruno!

  • Jo6ix

    No mention of Bebe’s passing? He wasn’t perfect obviously, but some (many…all?) If his passes were quick, precise and pretty. I thought he did very well. Got lost far less than he usually has and…um….deserved a mention.
    Love this post game podcast by the by. Just some late night thoughts(it’s late here in Taiwan): Like the Henderson award (maybe give that “random commenter” a more specific prop?). Need some intro music. Like the three stars (might disagree on your choices here and there, but that’s what makes this fun , right?) and I think, although it’s a very Canadian trait, you don’t need to beat yourself up so much. You know your stuff and have something valid to say. Speaking of something valid to say, I’ve definitely already forgotten most of what I set out to say…I’ll just have to go back and listen again. Keep up the good work, william lou!

    • IcebergSlimJim

      I’m like DeRozan – no props needed.

      Though, I did just change my profile name to something pronounceable.

    • BlakeMurphy

      The passing was mentioned in the Quick React and the post-game. These are all companion pieces that are meant to complement/fill in blanks in different spots, otherwise it’d get kinda redundant. Even if it wasn’t, hard to expect a guy rolling solo on a 19-min pod to mention every last thing.

      (“Don’t you ever talk to my son William Lou again,” basically haha)

      But yes, Bebe’s passing is dope. That catch on the roll and dish to the corner was beautiful.

      • DDayLewis

        Father of the year right here

    • DDayLewis

      Thanks man. Bebe deserved some love, for sure. As for the intro music, since these pods are done on the fly with my phone and often very late at night, I really don’t have the capacity to toss some intro music on there.