The Extra returns, once again with a guest for the second half of the podcast.

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On this week’s episode, host Blake Murphy and guests discuss the following:

  • SEGMENT 1: William Lou
    • Reaction to the first three preseason games.
      • Any stand outs or disappointments?
      • Reading the backup center tea leaves.
    • Kyle Lowry is opting out.
      • Obligatory “don’t panic,” shout out to Roberto Osuna.
    • Stackhouse the god.
      • Don’t you ever talk to Stack or his Toronto Raptor sons ever again.
    • Stupid sexy Bargnani.
      • And Sonny Weems! And Nando de Colo!
  • SEGMENT 2: Joshua Riddell of DraftExpress
    • The 15th roster spot.
      • Who fills the biggest need now?
      • Who has the highest upside overall?
    • Thoughts on Poeltl and Siakam. (Read/see more here and here.)
    • Check out Josh’s Basketball Scouting Notebook, including a top-500 NBA players big board.
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  • Jo6ix

    Oh jeez this maritime man and his son have some good chemistry, and isn’t it all about chemistry? I was very obliquely referenced at the very outset and giggled my way through the rest of the first half. Nice work, boys. BM, (that’s not a nursing term)please know I wasn’t throwing any shade on your progeny. He asked for feedback and I started to give it but may have got side-tracked by the whiskey…

    • DDayLewis

      “this maritime man and his erstwhile Chinese son have some good chemistry” this is gold

      • Jo6ix

        Ah thank you

  • IcebergSlimJim

    I actually think it does make sense to leverage BeBe’s passing much more.

    I think the best way to do this is through the high pick and roll, just like we saw with that pass to Bruno in the corner last game. I don’t think that play was an accident.

    It makes a lot more sense when you consider that there are actually two bigs on the roster that can run those plays.

    Jared Sullinger is a second guy that can run the same stuff. And, he’s a guy that will be playing a lot more than BeBe. Also, Sully will be playing both the 4 and 5, so those play calls can be used with a lot of different line ups.

    I think the coaching staff will be looking at the Warriors’ playbook for those playmaking 4/5 sets. What they’re doing with Draymond, I think the Raptors will be trying with Sullinger, and, to a lesser extent, BeBe.