As announced a few weeks back:

It’s been a while since we made any Raptors Republic gear, save for the jerseys included at our annual basketball tournaments. I felt like changing that, but I have absolutely zero artistic ability or any talent whatsoever when it comes to design. So, we’re going to hold a t-shirt design contest.

We received 12 submissions, and we’re going to lean on you to vote for your favorite from here. For today, we’ve grouped them randomly into groups of three, which will help us set up a final four to determine the next piece of RR swag. Voting will stay open through the weekend, at which point I’ll re-post the final four.

Some of the submissions are just logos for now rather than on a t-shirt, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

Group 1

RR Claw


RR Text


RR Tower

Black tshirt template ready for your graphic design.

Group 2

RR Hands

unnamed-1 unnamed

RR Angry


RR Space


Group 3

RR Map


RR Dunk


RR Caesar


Group 4

RR 04

raptors-republic-back raptors-republic

RR Chart


RR Crest


  • n8

    Such amazing designs! RR Tower looks incredible!

  • n8

    Such amazing designs! RR Tower looks incredible!

  • james

    RR Tower for the win!

  • djones0845

    That shot chart tho…

  • DDayLewis

    The RR hands shirt needs to be made.

  • Gavin MacPherson

    Gimme the Tower and Hands shirts right now, I’m too impatient for polls and have already removed my shirt in anticipation.

  • Hungry

    Looks dope

  • Noelle

    Seems the Hands and Tower ones are most popular, but neither has Raptors Republic on it, and shouldn’t the t-shirt be promoting RR?

  • Fly Fresh

    That RR Crest is absolutely MONKEY!!!! What an amazing job. On actually all the artwork.

  • Revant Kumar

    Some of these would be really nice with SLIGHT variations, I think.
    Like the “RR Claw” with Raptors Republic either taken out or written in a smaller to the side.
    Ofc the “RR Chart” could be on multiple back grounds and it would look sick too!
    You could also do a playoff edition one after a popular game or series.
    “e.g. Lowry Game 7 Round 2 shot chart”
    …Like for the Game 7 of the ECF this year. 😀

  • Ryan

    I love the map! Is there a way to contact the artists? I’d like a shirt with that design on it, even if it doesn’t win this contest.

    • BlakeMurphy

      I don’t want to give away anyone’s contact, but I’m sure they’re reading the comments and will probably respond.

    • 77er

      Thanks Ryan. Contact me at