The Extra returns, breaking down Raptors-Cavaliers before diving into some broader topics.

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On this week’s episode, hosts Blake Murphy and William Lou discuss the following:

  • Raptors-Cavaliers.
    • Pseudo post-game reaction podcast.
      • Ross and Sullinger injuries.
      • Who kidnapped Jarrod Uthoff?
  • Toronto and Cleveland, unlikely rivals.
    • The Jays and Indians meet up after the Raptors and Cavaliers did the same.
    • Can this be a ‘rivalry’ between cities? Or is there too much mutual apathy, or even, gasp, support?
    • Josh Tomlin, FOH, fam.
  • Auston Matthews.
    • Yes, seriously, we’re talking about the Leafs.
    • Don’t worry, it’s within the context of how the relationship between the Leafs and Raptors in the city.
    • Will elaborated on this point in further detail here
  • Blake, Will, and Harsh also broke down both conferences in a mega-podcast over at The Defeated Podcast.

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#477 – Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast – Leafs-Raptors and Toronto-Cleveland rivalries by raptorsrepublic