Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap (4) looks for an open man as Toronto Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas (17) defends in the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, April 7, 2016, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Host William Lou is joined by Joe Wolfond of theScore to discuss all things Raptors.

On this week’s episode of the Raptors Weekly Podcast, the crew discuss the following topics:

  • Preseason impressions
    • Pascal Siakam’s strong first impression
    • Fred VanVleet taking pole position in the race for 15th man
    • Bruno Caboclo approaching functionality
  • Dreaming up trade scenarios to compete with LeBron James
    • Please bring us Paul Millsap
    • DeMarcus Cousins to the 6ix (because he wore Raptors shorts and a Leafs sweater)
  • Morris Peterson and Anthony Parker get their due
  • Twitter questions
    • Cory Joseph for 6MAN?
    • Kyle Lowry’s impending free agency
    • Sabonis vs. Poeltl
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  • R.D. Vaughan

    The Oct 16th Casey practice video is well worth watching for comments on the final rosters positions that they are looking to fill (3rd PG and backup for DC). Also a ton on Pascal Siakam. Of particular note are comments on a change in which positions Pascal will be expected to guard. In his own Oct 16th video are additional comments on changes to what the team wants him to do versus collage. This podcast covers/confirms some of the comments in these two videos.
    With the Casey’s comment that they need a DC backup on the roster and the Nuggets waiving Axel Toupane who knows? Remember Anthony Bennett was a late signing screwing Roberts just last year.

  • Wild-ling #1

    I’ve found these poor lately – surprising, as I so enjoy William Lou’s written work.

    The commentators are amaible. But they’re rambling and amateurish. Dumb jokes. Sloppy conclusions: Gratuitous insults (Jakob Poeltl is “the least exciting prospect imaginable” – really??) Work it, guys! 🙂

    • DDayLewis

      Hey man, thanks for listening.

      With regard to the show, I’m still learning with every episode. Hosting (along with producing) is a new challenge, and it’s going to take some time for myself to cement a certain tone to the show. Some episodes (albeit more of them of late) will be more filled with banter, others will be more serious.

      As for the Poeltl thing, I think you’re getting a bit hung up on that one quote, which is also out of context. The very next line, Joe says that it’s completely fine to not be flashy, and we gave him praise for it. But in terms of excitement, I mean, he hasn’t necessarily provided that in my view.

      • Wild-ling #1

        After posting, I did think that I might have acknowledged that you are likely very constricted budget-wise. As the cble companies are so invested in the Leafs and Blue Jays (so there is little Raps TV/Radio coverage beyond the games themselves, I hope you guys can establish yourselves in the media market here.


        But the Poeltl remarks – yikes! It has been often enough suggested, among B-ball writers outside Toronto (like Basketbll Insiders) that Poeltl could step straight into n NBA role – which is not typical – even for a top-ten draft choice – when they re joining team s good as the Raptors are. This MUST be becuse of combintion of his length, quickness, skills, motor and Bball IQ.

        Personllay, I don’t think the Raps are entertaining the possibility of letting Poeltl have such a key role (t some point in his rookie season) because Bebe is so BAD. Quite the contrary – Bebe would be serviceable back-up, I think. But Poeltl holds out the possibility of being more skilled, active and intelligent player … and so more likely to make us forget Bismack Biyombo ll the sooner …

        There’s absolutely nothing dull about this, in my view. And if JV can bring what we’ve seen glimpses of more regularly, Carroll gets to full health, Sullinger stays fit and adapts to the Raptors system needs and Poeltl and Siakam can give us most of what Biz brought (etc.), I see no reason to simply throw up one’s hands and say (as was said on the podcast) that the Raptors have “no chance” versus a healthy Cavaliers.

        Too optimistic? Well, if an error has to be made in pre-season assessments, I I’d err on walking the sunny side of the street.

        No? 🙂

        All the best, guys … 🙂

        • Noelle

          Don’t fell bad. Nothing wrong with expressing dislike for statements like that, and you weren’t rude in saying it. BTW, The Big Fundamental was never described as exciting, and if the worst anyone can say about our 20 yr old rookie, who continues to impress with maturity, high bball IQ, and sound fundamentals, is that he’s not exciting,,, why even say it? But I also don’t get why someone would say it as strong as “least exciting prospect imaginable”. Perhaps trying too hard to be colourful?

          • Wild-ling #1

            quite honestly, Noelle, I feel a little more tact wouldn’t have been miss. But thanks for your support. 🙂 Constructive criticism? I hope so … 🙂

        • DDayLewis

          With the Poeltl thing, I guess we were a bit harsh given that he’s been productive, and I think we all predict that Poeltl will be a solid player. We’re in agreement there.

          What we meant by Poeltl not being “exciting” is that he hasn’t necessarily shown anything flashy, or fancy, or anything wildly out of the norm that would get someone excited about the possibilities of what he can do at the NBA level. Let’s be honest: the league is moving away from traditional centers and Poeltl is exactly that.

          So far Poeltl’s game has mostly been expected: fluid 7-footer with decent touch, can finish with either hand, plays a simple game. That can all be effective, but so far there hasn’t been any excitement in my eyes, but again that’s perfectly fine. We’re not shitting on him as a player or prospect.

    • Noelle

      hmmmm, I was going to say something very similar about William Lou’s last post game podcast. It was painful to listen to, yet I agree that his writing is much more enjoyable. After reading this, and a few other comments, I’ll pass on wasting an hour to listen. Maybe William just needs a lot more practice?

      • DDayLewis

        What would you like to hear from the post game show?

        • Noelle

          Don’t wish to be insulting to you, man (I usually like your written work), which is why I didn’t say anything before. Just felt it was like listening to someone speaking publicly for the first time. Hey, many great writers are not good speakers, but as I said, maybe just need practice.

          • DDayLewis

            Fair enough. I’m hoping to improve. Thanks for listening.

            • Wild-ling #1

              I didn’t mean to suggest – at all – that you guys couldn’t do a good-to-great job, 🙂

              Just found it a little loosey-goosey … But am now, perhaps, regretting saying anything. 🙂

              • DDayLewis

                Nah man I want feedback on the show. Like I said below, a lot of this is new, and it’s a learning experience. The loosey-goosey aspect, I totally get. Thanks for letting me know.

  • raps-fan

    Not sure why there’s no love for Poeltl. All I’ve seen is a big man with a fundamentally sound offensive game who has the potential to turn into a very versatile defender. Not sure how that makes him “the least exciting prospect imaginable”, especially when we have other infinitely more boring prospects like EJ Singler, Jared Uthoff, or Yanick Moreira playing beside him

  • Dunkenstein

    “the least exciting prospect imaginable”, …is undoubtedly Bruno. I think he would rank dead last of the 15 players who will make the team. In fact, Heslip is a far superior ball player as well.

    Nearing functionality? No way.

    • DDayLewis

      The goal for Bruno is to near functionality. And if watching a human wacky waving inflatable tube man play basketball doesn’t excite you, then you might have to reconsider some things.

      • Wild-ling #1

        Whiteside bounced from the D-League to China, to Lebanon to the NBA to D-League, until he was nearing 25. And then (sort of suddenly, surprisingly) was very ready … exceptional. (7’1″, 7’7″ wingspan)

        Bad-mouthing Bruno gets us nothing. 🙂

        And: “The watched pot never boils”. 😉 )

  • ikonn

    We need to keep both vanvleet and Crawford. Not only because they can help but also so no other team takes them (remember Whiteside..).

    Can someone tell me how we can make this happen? Waive Bruno who is still 2 years away from who knows what? Waive him, pay his contract, nobody else picks him up, then sign him for 905? Is this possible?

  • R.D. Vaughan

    Check out this NBA top 15 rankings article. Raptors 4th and Celtics 7th.