As announced a few weeks back:

It’s been a while since we made any Raptors Republic gear, save for the jerseys included at our annual basketball tournaments. I felt like changing that, but I have absolutely zero artistic ability or any talent whatsoever when it comes to design. So, we’re going to hold a t-shirt design contest.

We received 12 submissions, and last week we had you vote for your favorites in groups of four. The polls had upwards of 200 (and even 300) votes, so it seems we have a good handle on what the best designs were. Now, we’ll lean on you once again to determine the very best of the designs, putting the four group winners head-to-head(-to-head-to-head).

This final four will determine the next piece of RR swag. Voting will stay open through the weekend, at which point we’ll get to work with the winner on turning the design into an actual shirt. Thanks once again to everyone who submitted a design and voted.

Group 1 Winner: RR Tower (190 votes)

Black tshirt template ready for your graphic design.

Group 2 Winner: RR Hands (99 votes)

unnamed-1 unnamed

Group 3 Winner: RR Map (149 votes)


Group 4 Winner: RR Crest (122 votes)


What’s it gonna be?

  • Fly Fresh

    The crest is the best design out of all of them, though they’re all really nice. But the crest is like the shield we all stand behind. Deflects negative criticism, and symbolizes what we all stand for and stand behind, as fans. If the crest doesn’t make the final cut, can you still print a limited copy, so we can still wear it? I definitely want a crest shirt. I’d buy 2, straight up!!

    • arsenalist

      The font in the crest one with ‘raptors republic’ written on it could be a little stronger/tougher.

  • arsenalist

    Man, this is difficult. I absolutely love the dinosaur head and the crest. I don’t “get” the RR hands part, and there’s a lot going on in the tower one. I think it’s doing a Game of Thrones thing (same with the “hands” one too).

    • Noelle

      Exactly the same sentiments. The Map or Crest I’d buy multiple of either/both, but the others not a chance

      • j bean

        something we actually agree on. I will buy the crest for sure.

  • Tragic Mugatu

    The Map one is a fantastic logo, but the Tower is just so much better developed than the others as an actual fully-designed t-shirt, not just a graphic to screenprint onto a shirt. FWIW I think the Map might work better as a hat

    Hearing some love for the Crest but it appears to not even be using raptors for the design. This isn’t Modified T-Rex Outline Republic, folks!

    • arsenalist

      Good point about the tower one. It’s fully completed.

      • Jo6ix

        It’s fully completed? I think it’s like grade school where the teacher tells you, “know when it’s done” but they (he/she) didn’t listen. Too busy and scattered. Sorry, the artist! I’m being harsh here, aren’t i?

  • Noelle

    I don’t get the love for the Tower one. This is for RAPTORS Republic, right? One needs to be inches away from the shirt to find those words on it, and if that works for a shirt you want repping RR, cool I guess, but I would think something more prominent might be an idea. Regardless, what is very prominent is a stylized tower,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HUH? Nothing to do with either the Raptors or RR? The RR faithful want to promote the tower? wtf

    • n8

      I guess it’s the level of professionalism? It looks pretty clean, and remember it’s a T-shirt so it’s gotta be something you would be willing to rock, I really like the map logo it just needs some refinement

      • Noelle

        The MAP rocks in a Raptor AND a “we the north” kinda way, to say nothing of unique and craetive. The Tower is a tower as THE prominent feature. Are we wanting to rock RR and the Toronto Raptors, or the Toronto Towers? sorry, just boggles

  • ikonn

    Map is the best graphic. Maybe needs Raps Republic somewhere (discretely). I could wear that anywhere.

    Crest is good but there’s a lot going on. Put the crest on the front and the dinos/basketball on the upper back.

    Tower is way too busy, there’s 3 distinct themes there. And what’s with the sun rays?

    • Jo6ix

      I can rather see the map on the left chest and the lower half of the crest on the back

  • lewro

    Like others have mentioned, hard to compare T-shirt designs when half are shown on shirts and half are just logos. If you put the map on a shirt with an rr graphic I think it’s the best but some voters might need the visual.

  • Jo6ix

    Could the islands to the northeast of the map become a stylized RR? It’s the most striking visual.
    The crest needs to lop off the top from below the type up has got to go. It’s unnecessary and distracting.
    The other two simply do nothing for me. No emotion

  • Sdc44

    What’s the status of these

    • BlakeMurphy

      Update coming soon.