The results of the annual NBA General Manager Survey are out, and while there aren’t a ton of surprises, there are a few Toronto Raptors notes to pass on.

Eastern Conference Rankings
Asked to rank the top four teams in the East, GMs pegged the Raptors as the second-best team 60 percent of the time, and only one GM left them out of the top four entirely (for shame, nameless GM). They’re also ahead of the Celtics, narrowly, though the Celtics getting one vote as the top team (come on) made it closer than it maybe should have looked.

Breakout Season
Nobody picked Terrence Ross. They sleep.

Best by Position
Neither Kyle Lowry nor DeMar DeRozan received votes as the top player at their respective positions, which is fine until you see that Kyrie Irving and Dwyane Wade received votes.

Biggest Steal
Pascal Siakam received one vote as the biggest steal in the draft at No. 27. (Dejounte Murray at No. 29 was the top pick, though these votes were all over the place.)

Nando de Colo alert
GMs voted de Colo as the third best international player not in the NBA. The Raptors own his NBA rights should he choose to return.

Best Assistant
Nick Nurse received a vote as the best assistant coach in the NBA. This should hardly come as a surprise given how well thought of he is. He’s a candidate to get plucked for a head coaching gig at some point in the future.

Home Court
Not a single vote for the ACC having the best home crowd? I guess LeBron isn’t the Cavs’ GM, after all.

Lowry received a vote as the toughest player in the NBA. I was a unanimous pick for toughest blogger.

Lowry also received a vote for highest basketball IQ, one of only four players to get a nod.

  • Pong

    Interesting to see that GMs view Deandre as the best centre right now in the league, but they all unanimously view KAT as the future.

    • distorsun

      It’s already KAT.

  • Adriiian

    Who voted Lowry for highest basketball IQ? Come on..

    We’ll never get respect in this league unless we keep pulling out seasons like last year for a few more years.

    • Dunkenstein

      Lowry is a very smart basketball player.

      • Adriiian

        I guess we have very different definitions of smart..

  • GoingBig

    “and Dwyane Wade received vote”

    A GM would WANT Wade on his team more than caring if he was the best

    • BlakeMurphy

      The question was who is the BEST at each spot, though.

  • Steve Alex

    are you the first unanimous pick ever? i hope so!

  • n8

    Nameless GM probably the Knicks thinking they’re going the the Finals this year.

    • ramed nazored

      I’d say it’s the Celtics GM

  • Tragic Mugatu

    Not sure the Celtics getting a first place vote is worth a “come on”. There’s reason to believe the Cavs will coast, and I think the odds of Celtics adding another star with their asset stash translates to at least a 1 out of 30 chance at first. If it was multiple GMs saying it then yeah that’d be a bit much, but one person busting it out to be different is pretty tame

    • BlakeMurphy

      I actually realized after the fact that it was likely because you can’t vote for your own team, so the Cavs had to vote for someone else. But yeah, you’re right, I’m just trying to drum up that Celtics/Raptors heat haha.

    • distorsun

      I think Raps could sneak in 1st position, cause Cle will probably be in cruise control for the whole regular season and prepare for the playoffs.

      • Tragic Mugatu

        definitely possible as well. I’m just thinking that if I’m picking only one of Celtics or Raps to pass Cleveland while they coast, Celtics’ better shot at a blockbuster trade gives them the edge

  • leftovercrack

    Is it not striking to anyone else how the GMs give our individual players and coach virtually no recognition but they rate us as the 2nd best team in the conference? Due to our depth?

    • Henry Swagson

      All the other good teams get national exposure, they know every detail about them because they see them so often. On the otherhand we never get any national tv time, so they don’t know anything about us besides the playoff run(s) and our record.

      • Dunkenstein

        The price we pay for being the lone Canadian team in the NBA. All the better when we win.

    • Mike$

      Which categories would you have put some of the individual players / coaches in?

      • leftovercrack

        My point wasn’t that some of our players should have been first in categories – and I honestly don’t have the time, energy or desire to break them all down – it was more a reflection on the obsession expounded on this and other blogs about how teams can’t win without stars, this is a star-driven league and the Raps are on a treadmill of mediocrity without stars, and here we are with no player even sniffing the top 5 in any basketball category yet predicted to not only make the playoffs but be second out of 15 teams in the conference

        • Dunkenstein

          A “treadmill of mediocrity ” after 56 W’s and 2 wins against the world champs last year?

    • wtf 8838

      Depth is easily the strongest element of the Raps. Look no further than the first round of last playoffs when both Lowry and DD struggled historically and yet the Raps still squeaked by the Pacers – due to JV and the bench.

    • Dunkenstein

      Not in this case. Neither Lowry or DD are the best players at their positions. Ross?

  • Brandon Wilcox

    The breakout seasons are really strange…..Anthony Davis, New Orleans; Kevin Durant, Golden State; C.J. McCollum, Portland; …..these 3 REALLY flying under the radar this year. And most underrated acquisition LeBron James, Cleveland; … ok

  • ramed nazored

    We’re just one Cousins away from being a powerhouse.

  • Dunkenstein

    Blake….the emergence of Ross reminds me of Charlie Brown being tricked by Lucy year after year. He wants to believe so badly he is duped into winding up on his behind time after time.

    Is Ross turning us into Charlie Browns yet again?