In this solo podcast, William Lou breaks down the team’s FINAL preseason game.

– Three stars moons: Jonas Valanciunas, Kyle Lowry, DeMarre Carroll
– Gerald Henderson award: Everyone on the Wizards, pretty much.
– 15th man update: It’s Fred VanVleet’s job to lose
– Rookie report: Pascal Siakam could stand to bulk up, Jakob Poeltl looked alright

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  • TJ

    Dude, Minnesota beat Charlotte by 35, SAS beat Houston by 15, right now Nuggets beating Dallas by 28 right now lol.

    It’s the last game of the pre-season, no one cared and on top of that they saw Bebe go down by contesting a shot and landing on someone’s foot. They don’t want that lol. Chill out haha.

  • realitycheck

    Dude, Minnesota beat Charlotte by 35, SAS beat Houston by 15, right now Denver is beating Dallas by 33.

    The only road team that played enough to win was those young kids in Philly lol. It’s the last pre-season game it’s how the system works – and they also saw a player hurt himself by stepping on someone’s foot contesting a shot – chill out.

  • Henry Swagson

    Everyone was bad today on both ends, it’s fair to say JV was the worst but kinda exaggerating how bad JV’s been this preseason. He’s had good games against the cavs and nuggests also.

    Don’t forget we beat the cavs and warriors also.

  • justsayin

    JV was infuriating tonight. He better step it up or else this team’s in trouble.

    • dwnin2

      JV’s totally disconnected effort in the olympics and now the preseason makes me wonder if he has a drinking problem.
      I pray that it is not so.

  • R.D. Vaughan

    Your comments on JV and the team’s effort in general is exactly how I felt watching. With BeBe getting injured again (repeated ankle sprains) and Sullinger hurting (read he’ll miss the opener), things are not lining up to bust out of the gate this season.
    I assume that as expected VanVleet is the 15th man.

  • plaid coast

    “disinterested” actually means impartial. i think you mean uninterested.

  • justsayin

    Yeah Carroll had a rough night. He’s OK with those one handed floaters straight at the basket but those layups moving across the lane are uh… not his strength. And he got caught ball watching a couple times while his man cut to the basket. But that was a common mistake by raptors defenders last night.

  • Dunkenstein

    Everyone…take a Valium.