2016-17 Player Preview: Kyle Lowry


With Kyle Lowry’s greatness already firmly established and the Raptors seemingly committed to a long term relationship with him 2017 and beyond is all about keeping him performing at a high level for as long as possible.


No Pressure


The Raptors as a whole have been inconsistent at best in pressure situations over the last three seasons but young Jonas Valanciunas has quietly been a steady performer. To understand why he handles pressure so well you have to look at where he comes from, where “more than a game” is more of a factual statement than a cliche.


No Lowry, No DeRozan, No Problem


Raptors fans who have been searching for a good omen with the playoffs on the horizon got their wish tonight, as the Raptors sat three regular starters and the recently returned DeMarre Carroll and still managed to come away with a convincing victory 111-98 over the Indiana Pacers, their possible first round opponent. Without Kyle… Read more »