Blake Murphy

Blake has been with RR since 2009. He was originally known for his curse, whereby the Raptors had a 3-18 stretch from 2010-12 when Blake had post-game coverage duties, and later for naming a dog after Jose Calderon. He's presently the site's lead writer and Managing Editor. You can also find his work at Vice and Sportsnet, and formerly at theScore.

Nils Linnenbrügger

When not online doing Raptors related things such as work with forums, “Tweeting” and networking, Doc can be found …. ummm …. errr …. working with forums, Tweeting and networking. Doc got his start via the ESPN message boards back during the ’00-’01 season but most will recall him from places like EBSports and most notably, RaptorsForum. Raised and current resident in the real Dr. James Naismith’s hometown of Almonte, ON, Doc was once part of a local group called the Naismith Foundation who petitioned to have the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame where it deserves to be in his hometown of Almonte. His closest claim to NBA fame is that he once played pick-up basketball with ex-National Team member and hometown boy “Kory Hallas” who once tried out for the Vancouver Grizzlies and Detroit Pistons, but to no avail. All time favourite player and who he tried to emulate during his high school days of playing hoops was none other than Rick Mahorn himself. “Thump & Bump” baby. Email: doc at

Gavin MacPherson

Gavin is a longtime basketball junky and 10x NBA2K16 executive of the year who specializes in deflating hype, playing devil’s advocate and raining on parades. He doesn’t have the writing credentials of other Republic writers but his lack of experience is offset by excessive amounts of spunk and moxie. Stephon Marbury is his spirit animal.

Kiyan Sobhani

The most impressive highlight of Kiyan's resume is that Zach Lowe blocked him on Twitter.

When he's not writing for the ESPN True Hoop Network, you can find his features at FourFourTwo, where he's typically venting about issues that Real Madrid has. Every now and then, he's perusing the Raptors' locker-room and scrutinizing the atmosphere after a bad loss. Raps' fan since day 1.


Matt Shantz

Born in Toronto, raised in Kitchener-Waterloo and St. Catharines, and now located in Winnipeg, the Raptors have been a constant for Matt since their entry into the league. He gets forced to play as a big during pick-up due to his height, but with the lack of body mass to support such ambitious goals. Matt’s relationship with the Raptors can look a lot like Stockholm Syndrome, but one day his friends and family will understand why he puts up with all the heartbreak.

Mike Holian

After his basketball scholarship was revoked, and numerous Tommy John surgeries derailed his baseball career, the former High School backup Point Guard decided to enter the writing game.

A column during his rookie season, where Kyle Lowry was called out for a lack of hustle, earned him high praise. I believe it was: "Eat sh!t Mike Holian, you bearded hipster."

Nick Reynoldson

Comedian, Actor and Writer. Nick can be found performing Stand-up comedy in clubs and theatres across the country. 1/2 of Talking Raptors. Sick handles. No defence.

Shyam Baskaran

Shyam is about as die-hard a Raptor fan as they come. A product of Mississauga, he has played competitive basketball at various levels but was unable to make anything out of his well below-average talents. Shyam started with Raptors Republic in 2015, and is looking to live the basketball dream through his writing, podcasting and tweeting about everything Raptors and the NBA. A Chartered Accountant by day, when Shyam’s not in the office, staying up to date on the Raps helps keep him sane.

Steve Gennaro

Dr. Steve has been with ESPN’s True Hoop Affiliate since Day

1.  He is the onsite draft guru and his love for college ball and his alma mater UCLA are well documented.  Steve began as a writer with the site before moving to podcasting in 2009.  He is the host of the weekly podcast “The Dr. Is In” the longest running and most popular weekly Raptors podcast across all the interweb (or so he tells us).  More recently Steve has taken on the role of moderator of the World Wide Round Table where he breaks down the NBA, the NCAA, and the Raptors in each week’s podcast with his brother Mike (University of Florida) and regular guests Greg Mason ( and Blair Millier (  Steve also podcasts regularly for BPL site where he co-hosts The Happy Hour with Dave Hendrick.

Tamberlyn Richardson

Tamberlyn is a sport junkie and a life-long NBA fan. Based in Toronto, her background is in marketing, however she was always drawn to the world of sports blogging. Several years ago a co-worker nicknamed her the Nike Girl, i.e. the "just do it" girl for her ability to juggle several tasks simultaneously. Cut to present and not much has changed. In addition to writing about her favorite team for Raptors Republic she's the Editor of FanSided's Space City Scoop (Houston Rockets) and can also be found extolling on the NBA via her Facebook Page: Tamberlyn's Tip-Off.

Tim Chisholm

Tim was’s first basketball columnist and he spent nine years there writing about the NBA, the Raptors and FIBA basketball. He also spent three years writing about the NBA and the Raptors for Bell Sympatico’s sports section. He has been contributing to Raptors Republic for two seasons, where he routinely proves unable to meet even the leanest of podcast requests.

Tim W.

Tim was bitten by the basketball bug back in the mid-80s, and has been infected with an overwhelming desire to play, watch and read (and eventually write) about basketball, ever since. He spent his formative basketball years following the Detroit Pistons and watching them win back-to-back titles. It was a bittersweet moment when the NBA awarded Toronto a franchise because he’d already made plans to move out west. In Vancouver he got to view the disaster which was the Vancouver Grizzlies, firsthand. He started writing his own basketball blog, The Picket Fence, back in 2009 as a healthy outlet for his basketball obsession. Little did he know it would land him a dream job writing for Raptors Republic. Tim’s most endearing basketball memory is playing 3 on 3 with Mike Bibby. His least endearing memory is a tie because getting his front tooth knocked out, fracturing his orbit bone, chipping one of his vertebrae, dislocating five of his fingers, destroying all the cartilage in his knees and the Raptors drafting Andrea Bargnani.

William Lou

William Lou is a big-dick swinging blogger from Toronto by way of Hamilton by way of some Chinese country. His head size is eclipsed only by the size of his heart. And his dick.

Zarar Siddiqi

Long-time Raptors blogger and Arsenal supporter. Arse also happens to know a lot about how to make things work on the web which worked out well for the site. He likes loves hates despises follows the Raptors closer than he does his mutual funds. He's a lethal 3-point shooter when he's wide open and knows nothing about cars, Canadian politics, hockey, interest rates or how money works. He's from Kashmir and he happens to be terrified of fish. His favorite show is The Wire and his favorite movie is Fargo. He also happens to rock the mic like El Presidente... Email: arsenalist at

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